Re: new header style looking strange with some themes

On 01/15/2004 02:49:51 PM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Am 15.01.04 16:52 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
>> I've just committed to cvs (HEAD) some code to set embedded  
>> headers in the new style.  There's a new widget  
>> (bm_header_widget(...)) that's used
> Is it also possible to get this as a "backport" to stable 2.0?  
> I'm using balsa as my main mua, and HEAD is just not *so*  
> usable yet; I also see the problems several people reported  
> here, and I need ssl/imap.

Backporting should be possible, as the code doesn't depend on  
GMime; but it's probably not a simple matter of applying the same  
patch, because of other changes.  I'd like to get the indenting  
set up as well, and backport once with both the changes.

[ snip ]

> Related to this, I still have a problem with the event box in  
> the notebook tab in connection with the AquaX theme (I reported  
> this shortly after it had been added). It can be fixed easily  
> by replacing the gtk event box by the one coming with libeel.
> As gedit depends on libeel, I don't think the additional  
> dependency it will produce problems for balsa. In the attached  
> patch (against the 2.0 cvs), I added a check in configure to  
> fall back to the current solution if libeel is not available.  
> Opinions?

On my box, `make' fails with

main-window.c:29:38: eel/eel-input-event-box.h: No such file or  

I have

$ pkg-config --modversion eel-2.0

so the config test succeeds.  I don't see el-input-event-box.h on  
cvs, either.  The only subclass of GtkEventBox seems to be  
EelBackgroundBox.  ChangeLog on cvs shows this:

2004-01-03  Anders Carlsson  <>
 	* eel/eel-input-event-box.c:
       	* eel/eel-input-event-box.h:
       	Remove these too.

Is EelBackgroundBox a replacement/substitute?


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