Re: ANNOUNCE: development balsa-2.1.0 released


sorry if this e-mail appears twice but balsa barfed on me with ->

Mail check thread cancelled. I know it is rough.
** Message: No modified messages.

(balsa:28056): GLib-CRITICAL **: file ghash.c: line 554 (g_hash_table_foreach): assertion `hash_table != NULL' failed

On 11.01.2004 23:30:22, Pawel Salek wrote:
> Report the bugs (preferably together with patches!) either on the mailing  
> list or to Bugzilla,

While browsing procmailed mbox ->

mbox has aprox 300 new e-mails and few old. Opening that mbox was quite fast but while reading it
after 'd'keying (deleting :) one message, it moved noticeable slow onto next one (2-5 sec delay).

Several read and deleted e-mails later this appeared :

Already Checking Mail!

ok, I clicked 'Commit all' and *blam* a stream of :

(balsa:28056): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtktreeview.c: line 10200 (gtk_tree_view_get_cell_area): assertion `GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED (tree_view)' failed

and a popup box with 'Commitin mailbox mbox failed.' !

What gives ??

still missing my oh so precious dotsignature here

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