Re: Mysterious option

On 02/19/2004 12:26:57 PM, Darko Obradovic wrote:
[ snip ]
> Second: It doesn't work with gedit anyways, as it's tab-based
> and not bound to one process per file. That's what irritated me
> when testing this feature. And gedit will be the standard
> editor for most people.

It actually seems to work pretty well with gedit (tho tabs do
seem to be an issue).  If you want to make a lot of repetitive  
changes, surely an external editor is the sensible way to do it-- 
the editing features of GtkTextView will never replace one.

> So, I'd suggest to remove this feature.

I'd argue against that.  It works, it doesn't get in the way of  
anything else, and it provides a capability you can't get any  
other way.

I don't recall ever using it except to test it out, so I can't  
say I'd miss it myself.  There was a thread a while ago about  
using Bonobo to simply replace the GtkTextView with a widget  
(component?) chosen by the user--perhaps that would be a smoother  
solution.  But I believe there is a problem, and the current  
feature provides one solution.


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