few setup questions

First of all let me start by saying you have made a good piece of  

Some background before the questions. I am running:

Slackware 9.1
X 4.3.0
Windowmaker 0.80.2
balsa 2.0.16
mozilla 1.6

I am NOT running gnome.

1) How can I setup balsa to use mozilla when I click on a URL.  I do  
not want to run gnome daemons.  I have tried setting MOZILLA_FIVE_ROOT  
and that does not work.  All it does it make epiphany open and crash.

2) Can you setup quick-keys for balsa.  It would be nice to be able to  
use the delete key to put an e-mail in the trash.

3) This is not a question more of a suggestion.  I have 3 accounts that  
I am using balsa to check.  It would be nice if I could select only one  
to "Get New Mail" from.  I.E. make it so you could select one or all  
for get new mail.

Thanks in advance

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