Re : Threading woes

Le 31.12.2004 01:53:27, Andrew Conkling a écrit :
Well, now that I've settled into using Balsa (and themed the icons!), I've noticed that the threading is often counterintuitive or counterproductive. For example: The status of threads is preserved through the session, but is not saved on exit. When a new message is put in an existing (open) thread, that thread is closed. Opening a multi-level thread means opening each message; it seems more useful to have the entire thread open when the first message is expanded. And, of course, there's that hard-to-squash bug with the last thread in a list....

Is there any way to fix any of these, or are they just shortcomings in GTK?

Yes the last thread in a list is really irritating. I have gtk2.4.14 (FC3 updated) and it is still there. Should we bug (perhaps again?) the gtk team about it (perhaps it would get fixed for 2.6 :( ).

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