Re: Balsa hangs when turning off SSL for IMAP

On Sat, 21 Aug 2004 18:27:27, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 08/21/2004 12:05:25 PM, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
[ snip ]
> There's one weird issue remaining though. It's kind of hard to > describe an actual problem, so I'll just document what I > experienced step by step. It's reproducable (except for the > "hang", that sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't), I tried > this several times.

Hi Mike!

I was just working up some changes when you wrote. When you change the properties of an IMAP folder containing special mailboxes, or of the mailboxes themselves, while they're still shown at the top level instead of in the folder tree, the config file isn't kept consistent. I was seeing some similar misbehavior. Try the attached.

Well, with this patch if I change the settings for the main
IMAP server, INBOX/Sent/Drafts/Trash settings do indeed
follow those of the main server.

But I changed TLS to SSL, and after that INBOX/Sent/Drafts/Trash
got shown at the root of the folder tree, and listed
seperately under Settings -> Preferences -> Mailservers,
even after a restart. Changing the setting back to TLS fixed
things again. Weird eh ?


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