Re: Problems marking mailbox as containing new mails

Sorry, sent the wrong mail before...

The mail is in subfolders, but the confusing thing is that folders are  
marked that actually don't contain new mail. And they even get re- 
marked on new start when balsa seems to have noticed that no new mails  
are there during the last session...

> On 04/26/2004 02:24:17 PM, tn fenster wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have the following problem with balsa-2.0.17: it marks
>> mailboxes as containing new mails that in fact don't. When I
>> open the maibox, all mails are marked as read. But when I close
>> balsa, open it again and then check mails the same mailboxes
>> get re-marked. The mailboxes are always the same. Any ideas on
>> that?
> Does a subfolder contain the new mail?  In 2.0.x, a mailbox with
> new mail and one with a subfolder containing new mail are shown
> in the same way (using color).  In 2.1 they're shown differently
> (not using color: bold for new mail, oblique for subfolder with
> new mail, bold oblique for both).
> Peter

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