Re: Re: CVS compile problems (gpgme)


On 2003.09.19 10:16, wrote:
> > checking whether to build with gpgme/RFC3156 support... yes
> > checking gpgme library version... 0.4.2
> > configure: WARNING: sorry, you need gpgme version 0.3.x w/ x >= 14
> > 
> > So I even _have_ to downgrade to 0.3.x ?
> For the time being: yes... 

Umh, ok,

> I have a patch ready to move balsa to gpgme 0.4.3, but the gpgme team did not release it yet. The
patch would in principle work with 0.4.2, but that gpgme version has a bug preventing signed mails
from being processed correctly if the public key is missing in your keyring (== unusable). This
problem has been fixed in the gpgme CVS about 4 weeks ago, and since then I'm waiting for the new
release. I sent a mail concerning this to the gpgme top developer, and his answer was "to be
released soon". I got the same answer 4 weeks ago, too, though...

*please* send the patch this way, I'm quite comfortable with mangling with .spec files
and `playin with fire` :)

> Cheers, Albrecht.

Mario Mikocevic (Mozgy)
mozgy at hinet dot hr
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