printer specification - Is this a bug?

Two weeks ago, Iposted to this list the following message, but have  
received no replies, so I'll try again:

I am using Balsa 2.0.15 on the Gnome2 desktop in Debian 3.0.

I would like to be able to change the default print command string   
from "lp" to something such as "lpr -Phplj4ps".

But using:

  menu -> print -> printer tab -> "settings" and "location" fields

I discover that the "settings:configure" button is dimmed-out.  Under  
"location", I am able to select "custom" and then enter
"lpr - Phplj4ps", but this change holds only for one print job;  
immediately afterward, the default reverts to "lp".

Am I taking the wrong approach, or has the ability to change the  
default print command string not yet been implemented?

I have searched through all the menus, and have tried Gnome Command  
Center, and I find no place in which to set the default printer for all  


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