Bug#191847: balsa: doesn't quit when SMTP auth fails, doesn't show error

Package: balsa
Version: 2.0.10-1
Tags: upstream sid
If you have enabled a username and a password in
Settings -> Preferences -> Mail servers -> Outgoing Mail -> User,
then balsa tries to authenticate with the remote mail server.
There are a few warts with this, that should be fixed:
- If the remote mailserver doesn't offer the AUTH extension, but
  a username is filled in, balsa will simply not authenticate and
  will just try to send the message.
  This is wrong. There should probably be an option just above "user"
  [ ] use SMTP authentication (username/password)
  If this is not enabled, never try to use authentication. If this
  /is/ enabled, and the remote server doesn't support the AUTH
  ESMTP extension, balsa should pop up a window telling you
  something like

        Could not login to the remote SMTP server - it
        doesn't appear to support the AUTH extension.
- If the authentication fails, balsa will just go ahead and try to
  send the message anyway. Which will probably result in a
  'relaying denied' message. Which, by the way, is not shown to the
  user anytime. If authentication fails, balsa should again show
  you a message in a window like
        Could not authenticate to the remote mailserver (login failed).
        The error message was: 502 bla bla bla

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