Re: Upgrading from 1.4.x to 2.0.x for ~30 users

On 2003.05.24 05:58, Philip Rhoades wrote:
> Hi people,
> Since there seems to be decreasing effort into maintaining the 1.4.x 
> series I suppose it is time I made the effort into upgrading my work 
> machine (I am already using RH9 and balsa 2.0.x at home) but I have a 
> problem . .
> I also need to upgrade ~30 users at work and when I did a test as 
> user "phil" the 1.4.x config file did not upgrade properly to a 2.0.x 
> file - the screen parameters were not correct and balsa did not 
> behave well.  It works OK if I delete the balsa config file and start 
> from scratch but this is a lot of work for 30 users . . any 
> suggestions about how to get a clean upgrade?

Hi Phil:

I just went back to 1.4.4, copied ~/.gnome/balsa to ~/.gnome2/balsa, 
and started 2.0.x (cvs)--I got some warnings about changes in prefs, 
but otherwise it's working.  Could you give some more details about 
what went wrong for you?


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