Re : [PATCH] replace icon list by tree view (was: UI Question/Suggestion)

On 2003.05.18 10:50, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Hi all,
> attached is a first working patch to replace the icon list in the 
> message window by a tree view. It replaces the scrolled window now 
> taking the message contents by a notebook with two pages, of which 
> the first contains all the stuff you see now minus the icon list, and 
> the second a tree representation of the message structure. Clicking a 
> part in the structure using button 1 displays it and switches to page 
> #1, button 3 display the familiar popup.
> IMHO, just removing the icon list is not perfect (and some people may 
> like it). If gnome_icon_list is deprected, I think there will be some 
> alternative (e.g. nautilus has an icon view). Any ideas about that?
> As always, comments are welcome!!!

First comment : we could use the tree view to let the user select 
attachments and save them (ie you have billions of attachment that you 
want to save, you just select them in the tree and right click and save!

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