Re: UI Question/Suggestion

This is what I was thinking of incase anyone's unsure, I only ever use the 
preview pane (130ish k)

On 2003.05.09 16:17, Simon Brown wrote:
> I was thinking, what do people think about moving the little icon bar you 
> get at the bottom of messages which shows the attachments/alternative 
> parts etc?
> I get sent alot of emails with long coporate disclaimers and people never 
> trim messages, so having the bar at the bottom is "Sub optimal." Also if 
> you receive a picture, you have to scroll down to view it and then scroll 
> down again (assuming it's big) to save it. My machine runs at a 
> resolution of 1024x768 and with line wrapping I always have space at the 
> side of the message, so how about putting the icon bar vertically down 
> the the right edge of the message pane?
> Thoughts?
> Simon
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