Re: [dbugs pelvoux nildram co uk: Bug#190847: balsa: Balsa locks up - no buttons do anything and windows not re-drawn]

On 05/05/2003, Andreas Köhler wrote:
[ snip ]
> But I guess You have closed at least three bugs by filing bug #111286 
> two weeks ago. I remembered having seen this cancel_arrow_animation 
> issue on my system too and checked your patch and it works great for 
> me :)

That's good--I had no idea that these expand_all traces were related to 
the same bug.

> If this patch is correct in all other aspects too, I would say 
> everybody running gtk 2.2.1 (e.g. on debian sid) should try this 
> first.

Well, it hasn't been committed to gtk/gtktreeview.c yet, so I guess it 
hasn't been deemed correct--but I'm glad to hear that it fixes the 


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