Re : [PATCH] more subject/utf8 fixes

On 2003.05.01 13:41, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Attached is a patch which fixes wrongly encoded characters from the 
> subject (LIBBALSA_MESSAGE_GET_SUBJECT() 2b precise) at vorious places 
> (warning messages, reply, print). Symptoms resolved are message boxes 
> or a reply subject ending before an 8-bit char in the subject string 
> or a subject completely missing in the printout.
> Meanwhile there are four pending patches from me not committed to the 
> cvs. As I keep them here in my local copy, this one may produce 
> warnings about shifts when applying it to the current cvs.
> In this context, please let me add a personal remark. I must admit 
> that it is a little disappointing for me to send extensions and 
> patches for balsa which apparently just disappear in nowhere. I don't 
> write this stuff to nerve you! But as I have no (write) access to the 
> cvs, all I can actually do *is* mailing this stuff. If you think it's 
> a molestation, please tell me, and I'll stop working for balsa.

Please don't ;-)
I tell you and I am sure others think the same that your work is 
appreciated here. Please bear in mind though that the committers (sorry 
for this "nickname" Pawel, Peter, Carlos ;-) want to read them, see how 
they interact with the rest of the code, and test it before applying 
them. So this takes time and it is not always easy to do that, code for 
Balsa, raise kids, work to be able to eat and so on ;-)
Be sure that you'll have (sooner or later) an answer, and that even if 
your patch is not committed (that happens but there is always a good 

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