Re: More problems with 1.4.3

On 03/29/2003, Philip Rhoades wrote:
> Hi people
> I am continuing to have a variety of problems with 1.4.3 on RH7.3 
> machines including:
> - immediate lockups when there are mails in inbox on machine 1 - it 
> is unusable on this machine
> - sporadic lockups on machine 2
> - no effect of clicking on URLs on machine 2
> I have gone back to 1.4.2 on both machines - is anyone else having 
> these sorts of problems?

Yes: 1.4.3 on RH7.2.  The issue seems to be the `-lc' dependency in 
`dependency_libs' in (see  I removed it as suggested, and 
haven't seen a problem since (well, in the 5 minutes since!).

Curiously, it wasn't an issue with 1.4.2--either I fixed it and the 
dependency came back with some RH upgrade, or 1.4.2 wasn't sensitive to 


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