Re: pgp status pixmap

On 19.03.03 21:36, Carlos Morgado wrote:
> right! i wasn't particularly explicit in the previous message. automagic
> pgp verification would pretty much kill any hope for efficient imap :)

That's the point...

What I suggest to implement: when building the index, display a gray 
padlock if the top level mail type is multipart/signed, and a blue padlock 
if it's multipart/encrypted (to be replaced by something more attractive 
when a better artist appears :-)).

When a mail is opened, the icon is changed to either a green padlock if 
all signatures in the mail (again think of embedded signatures) are good, 
or to a red one if at least one is bad.


Cheers, Albrecht.

  Albrecht Dreß  -  Johanna-Kirchner-Straße 13  -  D-53123 Bonn (Germany)
        Phone (+49) 228 6199571  -

PGP signature

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