Re: Where has GnomeCard gone on RH 7.3/8.0

On 2003.03.10 04:05 Philip Rhoades wrote:
>I had gotten into the habit of editing ~phil/.gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd 
>directly so I was surprised when someone told me that you couldn't run 
>GnomeCard from balsa anymore but they are right - the GnomeCard program 
>doesn't exist on RH 7.3 or 8.0 - what do people do to maintain their 
>address lists now?  I could set up a separate program I guess but that 
>is a bit silly . .

I found a gnome-pim-1.4.6.tar.gz on an mirror and built
the rpms on my RH 7.3 system.  I could make the rpm available if someone
is uncomfortable building their own.

The source can be found at:

I'm pretty sure all that was required to build was:
 rpmbuild -tb gnome-pim-1.4.6.tar.gz

This builds gnome-pim, gnome-pim-devel, and gnome-pim-conduits - you only need
gnome-pim to get the address book to work.

Lynn Kerby <>

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