Re: [RFC please] new RFC3156 patch for balsa2

Le 2003.03.06 15:53, Albrecht Dreß a écrit :
> Hi all,
> here is a new patch for balsa2's support of RFC3156 (pgp/gnupg) 
> signed/encrypted messages. It is possible to send and receive signed, 
> encrypted and signed and encrypted single and multipart messages with 
> balsa. I now work for some time with the patch (well, about a week 
> ;-)), and it seems to be stable. Exchanging messages with sylpheed 
> works fine, but I could not check other mua's yet.
> I think I implemented all the necessary low-level framework (a lot of 
> it will be removed when balsa moves to gmime), but the UI still has 
> lots of rough edges. Basically, there are two more menu checkboxes to 
> enable signing/encryption. Signatures in received messages (including 
> embedded signatures, e.g. in forwarded message/rfc822 parts) are 
> checked automagically, and the application/pgp-signature is replaced 
> by a descriptive text with a few more information.
> I think I should add that Laurent Cheylus works on a patch to support 
> RFC2440 for balsa 1.4.2. IMHO it would be great if we could join the 
> patches and offer support for both '2440 and '3156 for the 1.4 and 
> the 2 series of balsa.
> As the patch is quite large, I submitted it to bugzilla (you will 
> also find a description, installation instructions and a todo 
> list...):
> It would be really great if some people could test it and mail me 
> their experiences, good or bad. Any comment is really welcome! Be 
> warned, however, that it may have mem leaks, make balsa crash, 
> degrade your karma, or upset your friends in domestic intelligence...
> Hope you like it (and *please* tell me why if not!),
> Cheers,

I'll look at it. The problem is that I'm so lame regarding PGP that I 
won't be able to be really critical about the meat of your patch. Still 
I'll test it ;-)

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