Re: filter on charset?

Le 2003.02.28 19:56, Martin Klaffenboeck a écrit :
> Am 2003.02.28 21:15 schrieb(en) Emmanuel:
>> Le 2003.02.28 15:22, Martin Klaffenboeck a écrit :
>>> Am 2003.02.28 20:10 schrieb(en) Emmanuel:
>>>> Le 2003.02.28 13:56, Martin Klaffenboeck a écrit :
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> How can I set up a filter on charset ks_c* ?
>>>> For now filter is just rude about charset, it uses only ascii. But 
>>>> I will work on that so that it understand utf-8 charset.
>>> I tried to use a filter, but it didn't work.  I'll attach the 
>>> screenshot for this.
>> Oh god now I understand your question ;-) I thought of something 
>> very different from that!
>> I don't know if the filter code has access to the header 
>> content-type. I'll let you know.
> It does not.  This filter has not catched any email, but there are 
> some, which could be caught.

In fact this header is not found, perhaps because it is not a "user" 
header. I'll look to find a solution to include headers like 

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