Re: Show all headers button [WAS: Stability problems ?]

On 02/28/2003 wrote:
> On 2003.02.27 12:19 Steffen Klemer wrote:
>> 2) the show-all-headers button is not syncronised with the menu 
>> entry in
>> View
> I'm not sure what you mean by this, but I have had problems with the 
> show all headers button since 1.3.x (?).  If I hit the button, then 
> exit without hitting it again, the next time I restart, "All Headers" 
> is selected in the View menu.  I came up with this patch, and apply 
> it anytime I upgrade balsa.  This is against 2.0.9.

Nice job!  It now seems to do exactly what it was apparently designed 
to do!


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