Re: Address Book?

Am 2003.06.18 11:02 schrieb(en) Carlos Morgado:
> On 2003.06.18 00:30:03 +0100 Michael Rensing wrote:
>> What can I use for an address book? It looks like it was part of
>> gnome-pim which looks like it's not being maintained anymore. It's
>> definitely not on my RH8 system, and I can't find a lightweight
> you can find it on ximian-gnome1.4. now that i think of it i should
> put up my gnome-pim for vanilla rh8 rpms ...
> anyway, seems like people are actually working on gnome-pim2, it's
> just there hasn't been a release in a long time

Really, are there people working on a gnome-pim2?

I don't think so.  There are replacements like rubrica and gdeskcal for 
that I think.


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