Re: html email

On 2003.06.13 00:59:53 +0100 Samuel Irlapati wrote:
> I receive a lot of html email. When I reply to them, it replies in
> simple text with the html code in it. How can I get around this?

This means the other sie is very broken. When a MUA sends html email
it should send the same content in html and plain text and let the receiving
party decide what it wants to see. A lot of MUAs are broken in the way
they only send a html part and no corresponding plain text. When you
reply to this messages you'll get an empty quote on balsa.
This mails you describe are very broken, they send html and claim it's
a text part (as you didn't complain you see the html code I'd say they
send exactly the same thing as text and html - yeah, twice - and balsa
picks up the html part) so balsa quotes the text part. If that is the
case there is no workaround.

If you forward (as attachment) one such message to me or the list I could
confirm this speculation ;)

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