RE: Filters in balsa

On 2003.07.14 09:49, A. van Roggen wrote:
>> ...
>> When running mh (exmh), the filter which pipes into spamc and then
>> into mailagent runs OK, and I want to transfer this to balsa, but am
>> at a loss on how/where to set the needed change.  Any suggestions ??

A response from Manu:
> You can setup filters via the filters submenu of the edit menu. Once
> you have created a set of filters you can bind them to the mailbox
> which will receive the new mails to be filtered via the edit/appply
> submenu in the mailbox menu.

Thanks for the suggestion, but this submenu sets up only individual routing 
filters, i.e. all messages with "Junk" in the subject go to box "Junky", etc.
All such already are incorporated in the spamassassin/mailagent filters, which 
thus needs only a 'pipe', i.e. the text stream is intercepted and fed to 
spamc, which pipes it into mailagent, and from there into the various boxes.
Such systems are available in several Linux mail systems (e.g. exmh, etc.) and 
probably also in Balsa, but neither the help file with it (/usr/share/gnome/
help/balsa/C/balsa.html) nor the man (1) balsa page has any info on it, and 
the internal 'help' buttons on the Balsa screens only give an error message
"Application "gnome-help" (process 4169) has crashed due to a fatal error"
(probably due to wrong library dependency in the current Balsa version).

A. van Roggen

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