Re: New mailbox interface and gmime messages

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 20:01:11 Emmanuel wrote:
> Le 2003.02.27 14:09, Albrecht Dreß a écrit :
>> Am 27.02.03 02:07 schrieb(en) Emmanuel:
>>> Hmm, what you guys do you think about opening the new branch soon? 
>>> This could help us to try out the new features instead of having 
>>> patches floating around.
>> IMHO, this would be a good idea. I meanwhile played a little bit with 
>> gmime, and it rocks! Concerning the rfc3156/gpg support for balsa, all 
>> the low-level stuff seems to be implemented. So instead of inventing 
>> the wheel twice, I would prefer to use gmime for this project (I will 
>> continue to work on my patch, though...).
> And I'll encourage you in that! If we want gpg support in Balsa-2 it is 
> the only way to reinvent the wheel for now. We can't change the backend 
> to achieve that IMHO. Sure this will be lost if we adopt gmime, but I 
> think that if wa can achieve a rather good gpg support in the near 
> future, we have to try it.
I'm not saying this is a good idea, but convert the message to gmime and 
use that with gpg, etc...

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