Re: New mailbox interface and gmime messages

On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 23:55:15 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> I had a brief readthrough the patch (once over on the highlights - i
> hope).
> From what I understand you reused some code libmutt and libbalsa and
> used
> gmime to parse through mbox. This is pretty much what I was thinking
> however I didn't see a "libmailbox" comming, in fact I don't see exactly
> how it fits in the new scheme of things. The way I was planning the
> required bits of libmutt would be moved directly into libbalsa without
> need for further layers of APIs.
I came to that myself some time ago, when I started this looked like the 
easest way. But now I think moving the code to libbalsa is also an option. 
Look at this patch as a prototype system for the gmime stuff, doing 
something with gmime was my first goal.
> Libbalsa already provides a nice mailbox access API (remember it
> totally wraps libmutt) and the UI code knows about it.
Well, libbalsa sometimes bypasses the LibBalsaMessage and LibBalsaMailbox 
interfaces to access mutt functions, Those classes should be extented to 
support the functionality needed.

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