Re: Now it is working but....

On 02/27/2003, Emmanuel wrote:
[ snip ]
> I can try. But it should also make sense to get rid of the unread 
> pixmap. This is indeed smarter than the actual situation : we use too 
> many pixmaps and we are unable to put them all.
> Bye
> Manu

Ah, yes...the icons could use some attention (have I read that 
somewhere else? ;-)

Having one column for the attachment icon and another for the various 
status icons may not be the best approach. We could use a single column 
and pack more than one GtkCellRendererPixbuf in it, perhaps with one 
reserved for unread, one for attachments, and a third for 
replied/flagged/etc. I haven't tried it--it might not use much more 
real estate than the current, two-column, version.

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