Re: How properly import mailboxes from Mozilla Mail?

On 2003.02.06 09:37 mpiktas wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm thinking of using Balsa instead of Mozilla Mail. One thing is 
> holding me back though. How properly import my mailboxes from Mozilla 
> Mail?  Just copying them seems to do the trick, but then read 
> messages appear as unread again.  I tried to compact the folder in 
> Mozilla Mail, but this did not help.
> This is only the minor anoyance, and I can live with that. The most 
> anoying thing, that Balsa is really slow opening large imported 
> mailboxes. I tried to open mailbox with more than 5000 letters and it 
> took Balsa 27 seconds to do that and it eats up all processor time. 
> If I choose Flat Index from menu Balsa again uses 100% of processor, 
> and I do not wait till it finishes, because everything takes more 
> than 3 minutes and I suspect then that Balsa freezes. The only way to 
> stop this operation is to use killall balsa.
> Is this Balsa issue, or is this Mozilla Mail creating bad mailboxes?

No, it's a Balsa issue, especially in 2.0.x. Some improvements have 
been made in cvs, and will show up in the next release, but it's still 
not a greyhound!

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