Re: balsa 1.4.2 config

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 11:13:58AM -0800, Lynn Kerby wrote:

> me the IMAP session timed out and that the mailbox is closed now.  The problem is
> that it isn't closed as far as balsa is concerned as I cannot do anything with it
> until I explicitly close it from the mailbox list RMB popup menu or the X on the

this is a feature, it allows the user to view cached messages even
if the server goes away

> mailbox tab.  The even more strange thing is that if I close the mailbox after
> committing as above, I get the same behavior when I try to open it later.  I'm

this however is not a feature :\ this tends to happen to me cause i use
ssh tunnels and they don't drop the connection correctly.
connecting directly to imap servers i haven't seen this happen in a while. 
iirc it happens mostly with wu-iumapd, anyone has anything to add ?

> In the Misc frame of Preferences the "Automatically close mailbox..." item is
> unselected and the "Automatically commit mailbox..." item is selected with a
> time of 2 minutes.  My IMAP mailboxes are *never* automatically committed.

i'll investigate this. when I tested this code it *worked*, but now i'm not 
so sure. i'm starting to think passing the tests was a fluke :\

> I got no responses last time I asked about this, but it was in the midst of
> a rant about the inflexibility of the IMAP client code in balsa (well, libmutt)
> and was probably ignored.

sorry. if you are reporting concrete bugs it's best to file them directly at where they can be tracked methodically.


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