Re: Window Icon

I poked around a bit more and managed to fix it

The problem was that the line that set the icon was in a


that wasn't true.I have no idea what it means :-)

So I commented out the #ifdef and changed the line below to


then added GNOMEICONDIR to the includes bit (copied 
from gedit) and the job was a good one. CVS doesn't build at the moment 
due to some syntax error in rfc3156.c so theese changes were made 
against 2.0.10.

I've forgotten how to make a patch (sorry Peter) so I can't attach one.

BTW what does balsa_pixmap_finder do when it's at home?


On 2003.04.28 21:52, Carlos Morgado wrote:
> last time i got annoyed at it I took a look at the code too and even 
> compared it to working stuff and it was pretty similar. (read, beats 
> me!)
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