Re: Q: gtkhtml2 crashes

On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 16:38, Pawel Salek wrote:
> I just wonder whether there is anybody that uses balsa2 linked against 
> gtkhtml2 (perhaps CVS version of it?) and does _not_ experience crashes 
> on some HTML mails - particularly spam mail seems to trigger them.
> I am now at gtkhtml2-2.0.1-2 level and it crashes annoyingly often. 
> Similar problem is claimed to be fixed on 2002-05-07 - see 
> - but I am not sure 
> whether is exactly the same bug.

hi pawel, i am currently writing a webbrowser based on gtkhtml2 using
the latest libraries of gtkhtml2 (you can see screenshots of it on my
webpage "atlantis") i recall some months ago that i investigated into
balsa's gtkhtml2 viewing part but gave up because of lack of time. but
all i can say is that gtkhtml2 if used correctly does not crash here.
if someone is working on it i may be able to help for some situations.

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science

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