Re: balsa crashing when using TLS

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:17:22 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> On 2002.09.16 10:44:56 +0100 Glenn Trigg wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have been experiencing a balsa crashing problem for a while now using 
>> various versions of balsa. I have finally expended a bit more effort to 
>> try and track down the conditions which make this happen. The condition 
>> seems to be when a second TLS style SMTP connection is made (to the 
>> same server), balsa crashes - well just the sending balsa process.
>> I have run it under gdb but the stack trace doesn't seem overly 
>> useful...
>> (gdb) where
>> #0  0x40ef1972 in i2c_ASN1_INTEGER () from /usr/lib/
>> #1  0x40f47c64 in TXT_DB_version () from /usr/lib/
>> Cannot access memory at address 0x171
>> This is using balsa 1.4.1 & libesmtp 0.8.11.
> and what openssl ? i'm wondering cause openssl releases from august 
> mention ANS1 fixes on the changelog

The openssl version is the 0.9.6c Debian woody package. I would say it's a 
before August package.


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