Re: balsa crashing when using TLS

On Mon 11:25, 16 September 2002 Glenn Trigg wrote:

>> Have you built the thread-safe libESMTP?  Also, is OpenSSL built in the 
>> thread safe form?
>> Obvious, I know, but worth checking.
> Not so easy to check either - I'm using the standard Debian Woody packages 
> for both those libraries. Is there a way to tell from the library itsself?
> A strings on the library shows symbols like pthread_mutex_lock and 
> pthread_mutex_unlock showing. Is that a good sign?

Yes, these calls to the posix threads support are ifdefed out in the non  MT 
safe libesmtp.

> But I don't see any symbols like these showing in the libssl library.

OpenSSL provides an API to register callback functions for mutex 
locking/unlocking.  THe MT safe version of libESMTP provides the callbacks.  I 
don't know if the non MT safe OpenSSL stubs these out or not.  Assuming stubs 
are not provided you'd have an MT safe openssl.

I don't know what the MT issues are with OpenSSL.  Does anyone know if its 
necessary to explicitly protext some OpenSSL APIs with mutexes?


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