Re: Fwd : [bug] : Am I the only one seeing this?

On 2002.09.13 12:07 Emmanuel wrote:
>         Hi all,
> now I'm sure : I have a message opened in the preview pane, I 
> "Send queued mails", the progress window pops up. I'm reading 
> my message, and when the sending is done, progress window 
> disappears and my preview pane gets greyed (as if there was no 
> message in it).
> Is someone else seeing this ?
> Bye
> Manu

This may be related to an issue that arose recently in Balsa-2. 
I'm guessing that you have the Outbox open, but not as the 
current notebook page. When the sending completes, Balsa syncs 
the backend, and the backend then signals the index of Outbox 
that a message has been deleted. Since the Outbox is now empty, 
the index code clears the preview--not realizing that it's not 
the current notebook page!

I ran into the same issue with filters: if a filter is applied to 
a mailbox that's open but not current, and moves a message out, 
the index is again signalled. Balsa-2 has recently been modified 
to make the index responsible for syncing the backend, instead of 
the initiating code (File->send queued in your case, apply 
filters in mine), but the issue is the same: the index shouldn't 
change the preview unless it's current. A patch fixing this 
behavior has been installed in Balsa-2: the index code checks 
whether it's current before changing the preview.

However, that feels more like a bug-fix than a solution. To my 
mind, the real issue is whether the index should make changes in 
the preview at all. A more manageable strategy would be for the 
index to signal the main window that the current message has 
changed, and for the main window to decide whether it wants the 
preview to be updated.

In a related Balsa-2 change, the index now signals the main 
window more frequently about other changes, allowing the main 
window to manage the sensitivity of the previous, next, and next 
unread toolbar buttons.

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