Balsa, languages, and spell-checking


I'm using Balsa 2.0.3 and am really happy to see that there is now a 
general UTF-8 option under Language. However. this screws up spell 
checking because it does not give a tag to pspell....Maybe there it 
should be the ability to select the Language under that menu, but in 
Preferences configure Balsa so that it always sends mail out in UTF-8? 
This could be like Sylpheed, which has an outgoing charset option in 
Preferences that is normally set to "Autodetect" but can be set to 
always UTF-8.

The way the language and spell-checking are set up now is a bit unfair 
to speakers of minority languages. For example, most of the mail I type 
is in Esperanto, and it would be nice to use the aspell-eo dictionary 
(am I correct in assuming pspell can access aspell dicts?), but I can't 
do that in Balsa because Esperanto isn't in the language menu. I hope 
that many more languages can quickly be added to CVS. As I mentioned 
before on the list, Esperanto uses UTF-8 as it's encoding, and its 
two-letter sign is "eo". I'm not sure what to use for the two-letter 
country code. The Esperanto locale that can be installed is 
eo_XX.UTF-8, but I'll have to check to see if XX is the right thing to 
use. In the meantime, could one of the maintainers please add to CVS an 
Esperanto option under Language that hands the language tag "eo" to the 

Christopher Culver

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