Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-1.3.3 released.

On 2002.03.26 23:27 Thomas Maeder wrote:
> Am 2002.03.26 22:40 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
>> Balsa team would like to announce balsa-1.3.4 release.
> What else than posting it here (on 07/03) would I have been required 
> to do to get my "folder name containing blanks" bug fix into this 
> release?

I have just checked how balsa handles folder names containing blanks 
and it does that just fine when tested against UW-IMAP and Cyrus IMAP. 
I created INBOX.Software Development.C++ folder and experienced no 
problems with it. What is the way to reproduce your problem? Which IMAP 
server do you use?

Pawel Salek (
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH

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