Re: balsa 1.3.6 does not detect write errors on its config file

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Steffen Klemer wrote:

> Doesn't this belongs to gnome-config? (is it really called this way?)
> I think all the config, as well as writing and parsing is handled via 
> gnome-config, which imho should warn you... :-(

May well be, I did not delve too deep into this to figure. If
gconf swallows error conditions, that's for sure a bug in gconf.

I have no problems escalating this, but I need to be certain that it's
not balsa that loses the problem report. I haven't got time to track
this down, though :-(

> Q: Is it really suggestive to implent a warning for .gnome/balsa? - IIRC 
> it is possible to even programm a new backend for gnome-config (not only 
> gconf) and that way it would be senseless...

An error condition that is not reported is a bug. Regardless of where it

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