Re: viewing uuencoded content

On 2002.06.04 09:10:00 +0100 Ian Leonard wrote:
> On 2002.06.03 23:19 Carlos Morgado wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 08:53:08PM +0200, M. Thielker wrote:
>> > first 50 lines of each message. Present that part as if it were a MIME
>> part.
> [ snip ]
> I understand the reasons for not wanting the completely automatic
> approach to this. However, for simplicity I told a small lie in my
> original posting. It's not me who is having the trouble - it's my
> wife and daughter - so it's a question of what they can do.

eh, a problem i can relate to :)

> I wonder how much of a problem it is or what other weird formats
> there are? Maybe look for '\nbegin [a number] ' then look for '\nend\n'.
> There are other clues as well - most of the lines are the same length.
it's fairly simple and you can even make it smart enough to avoid false
positives but the computational load would be heavy compared to the
amount of positives

> I would guess that you don't want to add an extra filtering mechanism
> if it will hardly ever be used.

it's more like, how generic would this be ? it's actually not very hard to
do it (at least i don't think so - famous last words :)) but if we do it
we should do it right.

i still think the proper way is getting the other end to use mime,
uucoding is Good but has it's limited uses.

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