Re: [RFC] : coherent message add/delete notification

On 2002.06.01 14:57 Emmanuel wrote:
> For example : imagine you have an index open on the mailboxes A and B, a 
> filtered view with messages from mailboxes A,B. OK so the user delete 
> several messages by the index (popup menu, whatever), the notification 
> is sent to : the index itself (and the callback just delete the 
> messages, and even tell the mailbox to actually drop the messages if 
> user pref says to do so), the filtered view also catches the notif and 
> refresh itself if it was displaying part of the deleted messages.
> Now you click on "Check Mail". New messages in A,B --> notif to all 
> views that add them, imagine that view B has a filter on reception that 
> moves matching messages to mailbox C. So there is a notif of deletion 
> for all matching messages of B that are moved to C, and then the index 
> and the view update themselves accordingly. And so on.

Just a short comment: the index should not unconditionally remove messages 
from itself on delete: the delete action may fail for various reasons: 
read-only mailbox, connection error, file access error etc.

I think a better model is to ask the storage/mailbox to act on a message. 
The mailbox will notify if the message was actually removed/flagged, etc


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