Re: [RFC] : coherent message add/delete notification

Hi Manu!

Pawel has just committed some new BalsaMBList code in the BALSA_2 cvs 
branch: it now subclasses GtkTreeView, instead of the deprecated 
GtkCTree. The largest remaining dependence on deprecated objects is 
BalsaIndex, which also uses GtkCTree (although it is currently a 
subclass of GtkScrolledWindow!), so porting BalsaIndex is the next big 
task. Another large step will be moving LibBalsaMailbox and friends 
from GtkObject to GObject, which will mean revisiting all the mailbox 

So all in all, it's a good time to discuss any signalling changes that 
are necessary to support filters properly. I'm totally in the dark 
about how filters are implemented, and what the current problems are. 
Can you lay the issues out in really simple terms for me?


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