Re: Missing tabs

On 2002.01.27 16:01 Ian Truelsen wrote:
> On 2002.01.27 14:24 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> On 2002.01.27 13:26 Ian Truelsen wrote:
>>> I just installed Balsa 1.2.3-1 and when I go to 
>>> Settings>Preferences I don't have either the Identity or Signature 
>>> tabs. Is there something that I need to set or install to get those 
>>> tabs available? Ian.
>> Identities and signatures are managed on Settings->Identities.
> Thanks, I should have seen that. Is there someone/somewhere that I 
> should inform about the error in the documentation?
> Ian.

Hmm--seems we have up to date documentation on the help pages for the 
individual pages of the prefs window, but out of date documentation on 
the Help->Preferences Window menu item. To keep things synchronized, 
the latter should presumably be a page of links to the former.


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