Hi all,

Those of you using libESMTP may want to download the latest tarballs from

For the most part, this tidies up a few things I got wrong in 0.8.9.

It also experimentally adds Micro$oft NTLM authentication - handy for those 
who must use M$ Exchange for mail submission.  OpenSSL is required to build 
this module.

Brian Stafford

2002-01-26      Brian Stafford  <>
       * various files
         Copyright messages now show the correct year.
         Minor tweaks to kill warnings when compiling with
         --enable-more-warnings=picky.  In a few cases this meant adding
         a few casts which superficially look unnecessary.  In other
         cases this meant adding a number of #undefs to get a vanilla
         ISOC environment.

       * missing.h
         Added missing.h which has declarations for Posix/SUS functions
         which may be missing from system libraries on some platforms.

       * snprintf.c
         Detect broken or missing snprintf() implementations and replace
         if necessary.  N.B. the replacement snprintf.c is taken from the
         libmutt distro and it too, is broken.  However, it *does*
         correctly truncate and \0 terminate output which is too long to
         fit in the buffer and that is the behaviour I rely on.

       * strdup.c
         Added strdup() for systems which don't have it.

       * examples/mail-file.c
         Check for errors when smtp_start_session returns.  Fixed
         authinteract so that responses are not accidentally overwritten.

2002-01-24      Brian Stafford  <>
       * htable.c strndup.c
         Altered code to avoid the use of strndup.  strndup.c is removed
         from the distribution.

2002-01-16      Brian Stafford  <>
       * ntlm/*
         Added NTLM auhentication module.

2002-01-07      Brian Stafford  <>
       * concatenate.c errors.c siobuf.c
         Check return value from snprintf.

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