Re: [Q]

On 2002.01.26 12:34 Emmanuel wrote:
> 	Hi all,
> I have a big mailbox (>3500 messages) and with top I see that when 
> this mailbox is opened balsa takes 16M. That's a lot but I checked 
> the mbox file, it is about 16M also, so I think it's OK. But if I 
> close the mailbox Balsa does not release the memory. Is it just 
> because of how the memory is managed by the kernel or glib, or is it 
> bad practice from us?

I do not know of any way (apart from playing with brk) to shrink the 
memory segment extended by libc when calling malloc/calloc. The memory 
released with free() is available for subsequent malloc calls, though.


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