Re: Bug in external editor code

Well, this was educational for me! From glibc-2.2.4/stdio/fgets.c:

/* Reads characters from STREAM into S, until either a newline character
    is read, N - 1 characters have been read, or EOF is seen.  Returns
    the newline, unlike gets.  Finishes by appending a null character 
    returning S.  If EOF is seen before any characters have been written
    to S, the function returns NULL without appending the null 
    If there is a file error, always return NULL.  */
char *
fgets (s, n, stream)

So it's the source! The man page reads:

        fgets()  reads  in  at  most one less than size characters
        from stream and stores them into the buffer pointed to  by
        s.  Reading stops after an EOF or a newline.  If a newline
        is read, it is stored into the buffer.  A '\0'  is  stored
        after the last character in the buffer.

Does `last character' imply that there is at least one character in the 
buffer? If so, the man page is consistent with what fgets really does, 
but it's easily misread as meaning `A '\0' is stored after any 

Anyway, the code is clear!

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