Re: Outbox in Balsa 1.2.4

No, the file specified there does not exist.  It used to be there
before I upgraded to 1.2.4.


On 2002.01.21 16:00 Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2002.01.21 21:54 Barry Skidmore wrote:
>> I just installed Balsa 1.2.4 and have noticed that when I click on 
>> the 'Outbox', the following error occurs:
>> "Unable to Open Mailbox!"
>> "Please check the mailbox settings."
>> This occurs whether or not there is a message in the Outbox.
> check the preferences and whether the file specified there exists
> BTW, I think wy should always try to create a mailbox if it was 
> requested to be open, and it did not exist before. Opinions?
> -pawel

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