Re: [RFC] : search window

On 2002.01.11 16:49 Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2002.01.11 09:54 Emmanuel wrote:
>> here is the ideas I want to discuss on the list to implement the search 
>> window.
>> First here are the goals I want to achieve for these windows :
>> 	- you can open different search windows for one mailbox
>> 	- the search window has the same features as the normal index : ie 
>> user will be able to delete/transfer... messages in it.
>> 	- the search windows must be updated upon mailbox changes 
>> (deletion of messages, new messages...)
>> So the biggest problem is synchronization : imagine that you have 
>> opened a mailbox. You open also a searc window on it. You look into the 
>> search window and see a Spam mail (that's a rather usual example ;-), 
>> you destroy it from within the search window. All other "views" (ie the 
>> index and also other search windows you could have opened on this 
>> mailbox) of the mailbox and the mailbox itself must be updated.
> This is achieved by connecting signal handlers to 
> LibBalsaMailbox::message-delete signal. I.e. each of the view/indexes 
> installs a signal handler and this signal handler will be called every 
> time a message(s) is(are) deleted from the mailbox. The only thing to 
> remember is to uninstall the signal handler when the view/index is 
> destroyed, otherwise LibBalsaMailbox would try to call a signal handler 
> with possibly invalid data.
OK I think it's better (because less intrusive) to make it that way : 
thank you to answer so quick, so I don't have time to begin to code the 
bloat thing I was thinking about ;-)

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