Re: PATCH: html mousewheel scroll

Am 2001.12.24 03:51:14 +0100 schrieb(en) Ali Akcaagac:
   > hi,
   >   > yeah, subject says everything. this little patch allows
   > you to use the mousewheel to scroll through html pages.
   > i remember in the past that a lot of people requested this.

The patch is perhaps a solution for now, but I think it's not the final 
The design with 2 scrollbar next to each other in a multipart msg is 
perhaps a little bit irritating.
Pehaps someone can assing the mousewheel to the header widget.
When you click into that widget you are able to at least use the up and 
down key.


  "There are things that are so serious
         that you can only joke about them"
                   - Heisenberg

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