Re: Filenames not preserved in text attachments

On 2002.02.28 07:57:26 +0000 Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2002.02.28 01:14 Carlos Morgado wrote:
>> ok, re-enabled the bit of libmutt that takes care of printing
>> filename:
>> which is also the bit that does disposition: and discovered libbalsa
>> disposition stuff doesn't work (normal body becomes attach)
>> i'm going to bed now, forward to toralf or i'll look at it tomorrow
> Well, that means there is some progress. I am sure these problems are 
> related to libmutt upgrade but I guess this update is too big to find the 
> problem immediately.
yes it was. that snipet of libmutt code changed ever so slightly to include
the filename field in the block i ifdef away, the postpone case didn't come
to mind. i think this morning i spoted the libbalsa lines where dispostion
isn't set while i was *gulp* waiting for the dentist appointment :)
i'll test it today. 
> For example, the problem with the national characters being replaced by '?' 
> (question marks) was related to mutt's automatic charset detection. I do 
> not know if they added it recently, or it is just an older piece that 
> stopped to work now. Anyway, I decided to force the balsa charset for the

there's some new stuff in that field and i *thought* i got it right. pt stuff
works for me, or it least it seemed to. sigh 
> main body, which is ok. Text attachments containing Swedish national 
> characters are being sent now with charset=unknown-8bit, which is not 
> extremely bad because the national characters do not get damaged but it is 
> not as good as if the texts were sent as iso-8859-1. But I guess mutt
iso-8859-15 i hope :)
ok, ofhand i'd say libbalsa *should* be the one setting the charset and
libmutt shouldn't bother with it. i'll recheck the code path

> routines are not smart enough to figure out that (and I have impression it 
> never worked this way).
stay tuned :)

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