Re: Balsa: Indirect linking to OpenSSL via LGPL and OpenLDAP libs

On 2002.12.16 09:47:26 +0000 Andrew Lau wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> 	I was wondering whether it would be legal for me compile and
> link Balsa (GPL) to the libesmtp5 (LGPL) [1] and libldap2 (OpenLDAP PL
> [2]) libs. Doing so results in a binary that is indirectly linked to
> OpenSSL for which Balsa does not have a exclusion clause for at this
> current time. I don't know whether this indirect linking will produce
> a contaminated package that is unacceptable for main.

For Balsa: I don' foresee it being a problem, contacts are being made.
For libesmtp: libesmtp5 is old, it should be updated. for openssl Brian
should be contacted.
For ldap: no clue :)

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