unicode and i18n


to be able to configure cvs from yesterday I had to substitue

AM_PO_SUBDIRS(po) (configure.in line 16219)
I'm using gettext 0.10.40 (0.10.40-8 version of debian unstable).

The foreign chars problem has gotten better, but there are still probs in 
the mailboxtree:
The line is cuttet whenever there is a foreign char (like the german 

And the Subject lines are not encoded in the right way!
Now the subject line is encoded with the same charset as the message 
itself, but instead of
e.g. the German ü (ue) =?iso-8859-1?Q?=FC?= (balsa 1.3.6) I get 
=?iso-8859-15?B?w7w=?= (balsa 2.0.1)
which is (sometimes) displayed correctly in Balsa 2, but not Balsa 1

Lines with foreign chars in the message itself are still missing sometimes.
It is (for me) not reproduceable when you can see one and when not.
Sometimes, if you reopen a message the missing lines are now displayed...


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